Connecting the Dots

Support Our Cultural Exchange Exhibition

Total Donations: ¥52,468
By donating, you are entering into an agreement to gift or donate, supporting our mission to promote cultural exchange and understanding. Thank you for your generosity.

Your donation will directly support our efforts in the following areas:
1. Exhibition Costs:
Cover the expenses of setting up the exhibition space, including lighting, display cases, and security. These elements are crucial to creating an engaging and professional environment that showcases the artists’ work to its fullest potential.
2. Artist Support:
Provide financial assistance to participating artists, allowing them to share their work without financial burden. This support enables artists to focus on their creative process and produce high-quality pieces, enriching the exhibition with diverse and innovative artwork.
3. Educational Programs:
Fund educational materials to enhance the experience for visitors of all ages. These programs are designed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the exhibited art, promoting lifelong learning and cultural enrichment.
4. Marketing and Outreach:
Help us spread the word about this exhibition, attracting a diverse audience and fostering global cultural appreciation. Effective marketing and outreach efforts ensure that more people can experience and enjoy the cultural exchange, broadening the impact of the exhibition.
5. Payment Platform:
We use Stripe to accept your donations.
Stripe is a highly secure payment platform that employs advanced security measures to protect your financial information.
Your payment details are encrypted and safely transmitted, ensuring a safe and seamless donation process.
6. Rewards:
As a token of our gratitude for your donation, we offer a special rewards package, which includes:
  1. • A t-shirt from The Feel Good Lab.
  2. • A postcard featuring artworks on display.
  3. • An opportunity to bid on some of the artworks on display.
7. Contact Information:
For more information on how to support, please contact us at:
  1. • Email: