Nomase K.E


Nomase K.E.
Nomase K.E.

Nomase, is from the lively culture of Benin-Edo, and making a significant impact on the Japanese art scene. A self-taught artist, he skillfully blends design engineering and artistic expression in a way that defies
easy classification.

During the day, Nomase works as a frontend engineer, using his skills as both a designer and full-stack developer to bring concepts to life. But once the workday ends, he transforms, leaving behind the digital world to dive into sculpting and painting with remarkable talent.

He seamlessly moves between different mediums, from delicate drawings to bold paintings and tactile sculptures. Yet, his true passion goes beyond just creating art—he aims to bring purposeful beauty to everyday life.

Nomase finds inspiration in the idea of turning ordinary objects into aesthetically pleasing pieces that enhance daily living. His work includes functional sculptures that blend into daily routines and vibrant paintings that fill spaces with joy, showcasing the transformative power of art.

His journey is a testament to the limitless potential within all of us, combining the precision of engineering with the creativity of art into a beautiful expression of self-belief and exploration.

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