Melody Osagie


Melody Osagie
Melody Osagie

Melody Osagie (alias Mel.Ogb.Art) is a contemporary hyperrealism artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Despite having a formal background in Biochemistry and Public Health Microbiology, she soon gravitated towards fine art, her first love. First embracing the simplicity of pencil drawing before expanding her horizon to using a wide array of techniques in charcoal art.

On Melody’s drawing paper, she invites us to embrace our African roots and identity, creating ingenious, culturally charged portraits and daring the audience to be proud of their heritage and connect the dots of their cultural history.

Melody has a keen eye and a flair for details rarely leaving anything to chance. Her art pieces are created from a place of intentionality and detailed care as seen with each stroke of her pencils and brushes and she is a firm believer that God is in the details of her work.

She is constantly revitalizing her practice and honing her skills for meticulous and optically convincing artworks using her simple tools of pencil and charcoal while striving for a profound connection with her audience.

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